Wake up and makeup: Harrisites’ makeup usage

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Teenagers and makeup are two things that go hand in hand. Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Youtube, grant teens easy access to tutorials and product reviews. These platforms not only serve as entertainment but also as teaching guides for many wanting to learn anything from new makeup techniques to what beauty products are worth the hype.

Walking the halls of Townsend, you can see Harrisites rocking all types of looks: natural fresh makeup, a smokey eye, a bold lip, and sometimes even full glam (liner, highlighter, false lashes, etc.).

Freshman Natasha Abraham talked about her daily natural makeup routine, saying, “I usually curl my lashes and wear mascara, I use concealer and bronzer, and sometimes I put on brow gel or highlight.”

“I take about 15 minutes to do my makeup in the morning,” shared junior Anjalee Laikhram. “For my everyday look, I wear foundation, concealer, blush. I also do my eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.”

On the other hand, junior Rochelle Lin does not wear makeup daily, but she does enjoy putting on makeup. She said, “I enjoy putting on makeup because it does give me this extra boost of confidence, and a little makeup never hurts after gym.”

Many beauty influencers have stated that makeup is truly one size fits all. Makeup can be used to enhance your natural beauty or create a colorful and festive eye look. While makeup is meant to be fun it is easy for teens to fall into the idealized beauty standards. There is no doubt that the media portrays flawless skin and thick lashes as beautiful and as a result teens may feel pressured to look a certain way.

Natasha delved further into her reasoning for wearing makeup, explaining, “I choose to wear makeup to school because I feel like making an effort to look good and I have flaws and insecurities that I like to hide.”

“I love to dress up a lot and I find joy in it,” Anjalee said, elaborating on the more creative aspect of makeup. “When I have a full outfit on and I want to enhance my look, that’s when I usually wear makeup.”

As Townsend Harris is a female-dominant school, it can be concluded that some Harrisites may feel an additional pressure to blend in with others or to even “match” the makeup looks of others.

Anjalee agreed that “being in a female dominant school makes [her] more inclined to wear makeup.” It is not for the sake of being pressured; rather for that of “being around different girls that have their own unique style makes [her] want to try [her] own thing.”

“I am confident enough to not wear makeup to school and it isn’t something that I feel obligated to wear,” she said. “There are times when I just want to come bare faced and I feel no judgment from anyone because we all know it’s normal to have blemishes and scars.”

On the contrary, many feel that being in a school more females than males has no effect on their decision to wear or not wear makeup.

“Sometimes I feel inferior or just insecure being surrounded by beautiful girls who put a lot of effort and have much knowledge on makeup,” admitted senior Carmela Lopez. “However, it does not really influence my choice to wear makeup.”

“I know that wearing makeup makes people feel more confident. Although that’s true for me too when (on rare occasions) I do wear makeup, I feel heavier with it on and I’m just more comfortable in my own skin,” she continued. “I have no problem nor am I really affected by being in a school with a dominant female population, as long as people around me are comfortable and confident in what they do or what they wear.”

“For me, there definitely is not a pressure to put on makeup because it is a female-dominated population,” Rochelle said. “Most of us just do it because it makes us feel good.”

“I use makeup for my own pleasure and would still use it on a daily basis regardless of whether there are more guys or girls,” Natasha agreed.

The makeup routines of Harrisites differ from person to person, but across the board, it is widely believed that makeup should be used to your personal preference and that there is no pressure to look a certain way. In a world where hate is prevalent, the Townsend community makes it possible for each Harrisite to do what makes them the most comfortable and happy.

“I think all the girls in this school are beautiful with or without makeup,” Rochelle concluded. “If you want to use makeup, do it for yourself and nobody else.”