PupilPath Goes Live at THHS

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This year, parents, teachers, and students were introduced to Pupilpath as the new grading website, replacing eSchoolData, which had been in-use since the 2015-2016 school year. This change occurred after numerous complications with eSchoolData, most notably when selecting electives. Students and teachers alike expressed their dismay with eSchooldata and were rejoiced to discover that THHS would be using Pupilpath.

As a result of the complications with eSchoolData, THHS’ grading committee met to discuss new options for a grading website. Some of the most relevant features discussed included teachers’ ability to post documents, grades, and attendance, and the ability for students and parents to easily learn to use and navigate the site. Assistant Principal of Organization Ellen Fee advocated for PupilPath because she had experienced it from both a parental and an administrative perspective. Ultimately, administration decided to make the change.

Senior Atia Ahmed expressed that she experienced “confusion and difficulty navigating eSchoolData due to its layout.” She continued on to recount times when she had “issues viewing [her] grades on eSchooldata.” English teacher Christine Duffy added, “ESchoolData was very slow” which made it difficult to input grades in a timely manner.

PupilPath includes many features that eSchoolData lacked. Junior Nicole Wong explained, “When we used eSchool I’d always have trouble viewing my grades on my phone but because I’ve used pupilpath (in middle school), I know that there’s an app you can use to view your grades and it won’t be a problem anymore.” Sophomore Vivian Mei added, “There is a color coded schedule on the app, as well as easy-to-use sections, so it’s easy to find things on the app.”

Students have also noted the convenience in accessibility of PupilPath. Junior Vicki Kanellopous explained, “What I didn’t like about eSchool was that I’d have to go into the Townsend website to open it. Now I can just go to the website and log in.”

Another benefit of PupilPath is that it allows teachers to post assignments directly on the website. Some teachers, such as Latin teacher Christopher Amanna, used to use Google Classroom as a way to share assignments. This year however, Mr. Amanna explained “Now with PupilPath I am going to try not to use Google Classroom because I can post stuff through PupilPath.” He continued, “Google Classroom is a little bit easier to use in terms of posting assignments, but the benefit of PupilPath is that everything is in one place and I don’t have to double post every time.”

Vivian hopes that teachers continue to use Google Classroom to post assignments. “On Google  Classroom, I can attach any file to submit an assignment. However, on PupilPath, I was only able to edit an empty document that my teacher assigned for the homework to be done in,” she explained. “It’s easier to use Google Classroom because it’s less confusing and you can submit different files.”

Overall, Atia describes PupilPath as “promising.” She expressed the importance of using an “effective and efficient grading system for both teachers and students because grades are such an important part of our high school career.”