Track renovations on Queens College campus

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Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, alongside other generous contributors, has recently secured the Queens College with funding needed to renovate the track and other facilities throughout the upcoming school year. In mid-august, Queens College received donations of $750,000.

Rozic stated, “Queens College is a cornerstone of our community that provides quality, affordable education for students of all backgrounds and academic pursuits.” It has been decided that over two-thirds of the funds will go to repairing the track used by Queens College, Townsend Harris, and John Bowne students alike.

The remainder will go directly to improving the electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems at QC. Laboratories at Remsen Hall and the Fitzgerald Gymnasium will receive their share of renovations.

Rozic, along with other state lawmakers, wants to continue improving and rebuilding CUNY facilities in years to come.

Many Townsend Harris students were  relieved at the news of a new track. As part of the girls’ cross country team, junior Emily Tan stated, “We definitely need [the track grant], especially because the track is falling apart.” She also addressed the safety hazard that the current track poses with its many potholes.

To junior Tabassum Sami, the news of a renovated track was not surprising. “The track looked very old and really needed a renovation,” she said. She, along with various other students, rejoiced at the fact that the track will inevitably be inaccessible for some time. Junior Anastasia Sachionie stated, “I don’t like running so when they shut down the track for renovation, that [will be] my saving grace.”

At one point or another, all Townsend Harris students find themselves running on the track during physical education. A renovated track could make all the difference. Physical education and health teacher Matt Lemanczyk often uses the track for his students and knows the impact that a new track will have. He stated, “It’s a very exciting time for Townsend Harris and even Queens College to receive a new track because I think it is due for some repairs and I think it will enhance our track experience in class.

However, student athletes who use the track fear that their practices will be interrupted during the renovations. “We need an area to practice on for track,” Emily explained. “If we lose the QC track, our ability to run as a team will be compromised.”

Mr. Lemanczyk reassured the Townsend Harris community that “As a [physical education] department, we all do a very good job modifying our classes to the resources we have. I feel confident that each one of us will have no problem being able to do that while the renovations are occuring.”