Freshiors are victorious in this year’s S!NG competition

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The Freshiors were announced the winners of this year’s S!NG competition, bringing an end to the three year winning streak of the class of 2019. With their unique storyline, the Freshior directors Usha Sookai and Savannah Sclafani, along with the Freshior team, captivated the audience and were finally able to celebrate a victory.

Following this years theme, the truth behind your favorite fairy tales, the Freshiors’ performance contained a spinoff of Jack and the Beanstalk, Alice and Wonderland, and Peter Pan while putting their own unique twist on it. The directors had worked since August to come up with a cohesive and innovative storyline, one that inevitably wooed the judges.  Savannah and Usha remarked, “It’s surreal to see a team of over two hundred talented people working on something you spent the whole summer planning.”

The performance included dance numbers such as “Chun-Li,” “Welcome to the Party,” and a mashup of “Castle” by Halsey and “You Should See Me in a Crown” by Billie Eilish. The dancers, instrumentalists, and vocalists collaborated to perform an an emotional rendition of “Lovely” by Billie Eilish as well.

Junior Nikki Wong was highly impressed by both performances this year, especially the step routine by the Semores and the dances in the Freshior performance. She explained, “The dances were done very well and everyone performing was so enthusiastic. I could tell the audience loved that part of the performance.” Freshman Chole Muñoz elaborated, “One of my favorite parts was the dance battle. I thought it was very exciting and creative. The dancers were very good and they were all in synchronization.”

Ever since their freshman year in 2015, the class of 2019 has been a part of the winning S!NG team. However, this year resulted in their first loss. Freshior dance director Ashley Facey was ecstatic over the results, stating, “Not only did I get to work with a phenomenal group of talented people, everyday since August, but we accomplished something when odds were stacked against us; we broke their four year streak.” Semore dance director Rochelle Lin, though upset with the outcome of her final S!NG, still explained “we know that we put on the best show we possibly can. Our only competition is [ourselves] and I think this team has gone above and beyond the standards we set for ourselves.”  

Usha and Savannah are now looking towards the future of S!NG, “Next year, we plan on creating the same type of S!NG! environment that allowed everyone to enjoy the process while working just as hard to create something that everyone is proud to be a part of.”