Onsite acceptance with Seton Hall University

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Many seniors have already submitted applications for early action and early decision, while others are working on their applications for regular decision. In addition, some Townsend Harris seniors were able to participate in an onsite acceptance program with Seton Hall University.

The onsite acceptance process entails a regional guidance counselor from Seton Hall University sitting down with a senior and discussing topics such as their grades and academic interests. Based on the interview with the student, the representative immediately tells the student if they have been accepted.

“A student would have to apply online typically through common application and get their applications in by a deadline that a college has,” siad guidance counselor Sara Skoda. “Then they have to wait a few months before hearing back from a college if they were admitted into that school or not.”

The onsite acceptance process, however, allows a student to receive an immediate response and, according to Secretary of Guidance and College, Tina Marie Kendall, is a much more personal way of getting to know the student. “They actually get to meet you and get a better feel for who you are and what you’re looking to study in college,” she said.

Senior Alexa Barisano, who participated in the onsite acceptance program said, “It takes some of the pressure off because you know you are in at least one college.”

“All I had to do was fill out my application and submit it,” added senior RosaLydia Caputo. “I also did not have to pay anything since the application fee was waived for the onsite program.”

To qualify for this opportunity, seniors have to apply for the interview and speak with  Ms. Kendall and his/her guidance counselor. However, for those who missed the chance for the onsite acceptance program with Seton Hall University, there will be another chance on December 11 when a representative from New York Institute of Technology comes to interview students.