The rise of the teddy coat

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By Navjit Bajwa, Staff Writer

A coat you could wear to any occasion that pulls any look together while being cozy. It sounds too good to be true, but that’s why everyone seems be wearing the Teddy coat, which has taken this season by storm. Countless celebrities have been spotted on the streets in this look that has turned into a staple in any closet. Warm and comfortable are just the initial takeaways for this coat. The Teddy Bear faux fur adds a soft touch to any outfit whether you pair it with jeans, or dress it up for the season.

Countless seniors have added this staple piece to their own collection and it can even be considered an upperclassman trend because of the influx of jackets you see on the third floor of THHS. Senior Jacqui Valenti said, “I fell in love with them because the style is so baggy and oversized, but it also looks like something you can wear to bed which I love.” The teddy look offers versatility and comfort, “Teddy jackets go perfectly with a lot of outfits and give a super comfy and messy-but-cute look.”

Senior Nabiha Zaman added, “My favorite thing about the coat is that it keeps me warm since I often find that the school can get a little cold. Since the coat is oversized it helps to tone down certain outfits and give off a more effortless look.”

If you’re thinking about making the purchase and adding a teddy coat to your own collection, Nabiha says, “There are various price options if you take your time looking online. If you want to invest in a good quality coat that doubles as a fashion statement and protection against the cold, there are some pricier options but there are also a good number of affordable versions online as well.”

The teddy coat fits just about anybody’s closet and clothing style. Senior Sammi Zeng calls it “exactly what everyone is looking for… This jacket became the latest fashion statement, so it caught my attention and I knew that I would get a lot of use out of it.”

Freshman Maimuna Muntaha, one of the few underclassmen who also wears the Teddy coat, says she enjoys the comfort and style of the jacket. She got hers from Forever 21 in comparison to others who ordered it from online websites such as Zaful, Shein, and Honeybum.