Queens College Summer Program

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This summer, the Queens College Summer Program is interested in hiring 300 paid workers for eight weeks of summer camp from July 1-August 23. Despite the previous requirement that participants must be high school graduates, this year, the program is willing to accept some high school students. Director of the program, Marianne P. Considine stated, “We are especially looking to include juniors and seniors from Townsend Harris.”

Pay is $300 per week for a counselor and $450 per week for a lifeguard. Hours run Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Tasks involved with working for the program include supervising children through their educational and athletic experiences. The program is also hiring lifeguards to teach swimming lessons and maintain pool safety.

Children that take part in the educational program will participate in enrichment, robotics, art, literature, and even a theater production which happens in Townsend Harris in July. There is also a sports portion of the program which involves tennis, basketball, softball, swimming, and soccer. Ms. Considine noted, “A two-week soccer program is even run by David Villa, called DV7.” A majority of these athletic activities will take place in the newly renovated Fitzgerald gym on Queens College campus.

As an employee in the program, Ms. Considine described the value of experience that the program gives to future educators. She said, “Many workers are high school students or students at QC. Many want to pursue education, and we look at [physical education] majors as well as lifeguards to teach sports, swimming, and related activities.”

English teacher Katie Yan, who has been with the program since 2002, describes the specific roles of a counselor during a regular day. She stated that a counselor is responsible for “about 8 campers to their daily activities such as tennis, swimming, basketball, dance, soccer, and academic classes in buildings on campus.” While this responsibility may be overwhelming, Ms. Yan acknowledges that there will always be support from teachers nearby. She explained, “Teachers [are] at every location so the counselors do not have to plan activities or teach any classes, but they are encouraged to participate.”

Ms. Yan added, “The skills acquired while working at Queens College Summer Camp can transfer to any job or class afterward. Your problem-solving abilities will be put to the test, along with your organization and  communication skills.” She continued, “Your patience will be tried at times, too, but this is great practice for the real world. At times you will have to multitask, but every Harrisite knows how to do that already. By the end of the summer, it’s clear that our counselors form strong bonds with their campers and with one another.”

Junior Sumya Nur is currently considering participating as a counselor. She said, “I want to gain work experience, which is conveniently close to home, while also getting some pocket money and college savings.”

If you are a junior or senior interested in participating, please check your Townsend Harris email or consult with your guidance counselor for more information.