Study spots for students

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Antonella Abreu and Esther Dai, Staff Writers

Spring season is a stressful time for almost all Townsend students. With APs, finals and Regents exams just around the corner, pressure is bound to build up. While some prefer studying in the comfort of their own home, others are most productive in public places. Here are a few places perfect for studying, all with free wifi and relatively close proximity to Townsend Harris.

Moon Cafe- Moon Cafe’s brick and wooden interior give off a cozy aroma as soon as you enter. The dim light and soft low-fi music echoing through the cafe make studying all the more bearable. The seating options of coaches, benches and desk-like tables make Moon Cafe a place suitable for everyone. A go-to stop for many to study, students are allowed to stay for hours without judgment from workers. Additionally, comfort foods such as waffles, cakes, and bubble teas are served for affordable prices.

White Noise Cafe– Although also in Flushing, White Noise cafe has a different aesthetic than Moon Cafe. Its white and gray walls with LED lights plastered on them create more of a modern feel. A great spot for taking aesthetic pictures, White Noise Cafe also offers the highly reviewed avocado toast, a variety of drinks, and colorful donuts. With very large windows welcoming sunlight and plants decorated around, the cafe feels very clean and spacious. For those who prefer a more brightly lit setting for getting work done, White Noise is the place.

Cafe Bench- Unlike the other two cafes that are relatively close to Townsend, Cafe Bench is around a 40-minute bus ride away. However, its seasonal decorations and distinctive benches make it well worth the commute. With stringed lights hanging from wall to wall, the cafe seems to be straight out of a fairytale. Its peaceful environment makes the cafe just right for studying and cramming for final exams. Though their food is a little more on the expensive side, Cafe Bench is known mostly for its delicious desserts, namely, crepes.

For those of us who are easily distracted at home, a change of scenery can help with the studying process. Though there are countless other cafes in Flushing to choose from, these are the selected few that can accommodate to Townsend Harris students’ needs, while still maintaining a peaceful environment and delicious comfort foods.