Derek Fucich and Rosalydia Caputo named Overall Athletes of the Year

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By Ariana Vernon and Kristen Zhou, Sports Editors

Seniors Rosalydia Caputo and Derek Fucich received awards for Top Female and Male Athletes of the Year at this year’s 34th annual Sports Awards. The event, which took place on June 5, brought athletes together from 31 teams to celebrate their accomplishments.

Each year, the awards for Top Male and Female Athletes are given to seniors who have had major accomplishments and shown incredible dedication in their respective fields. Rosalydia, a four-year member of the varsity basketball team, varsity softball team, and varsity volleyball team, also received the award for MVP (Most Valuable Player) in each of her sports.  Derek, a four-year member of the track team, earned first place in the pentathlon at the Outdoor Track Queens Borough Championships.

For Derek, the award came as a surprise because of the talent among athletes at Townsend Harris. “There’s a lot of great competition at Townsend when it comes to athletes… Guys in other sports definitely put their all into their areas of discipline so it was definitely a shock,” said Derek. Although Rosalydia aspired to win the award, she did not think she would win it automatically. She said, “I put in a lot of hard work and dedication to all my sports since freshman year. I was hoping all of it would pay off.”

As Derek reflects back on his sports career, he would tell his freshman self that there would be “a lot of heartbreak… and a lot of tears and scars, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it.”

Rosalydia feels that throughout her four years, her leadership abilities have evolved the most. “Now, I take the initiative of situations and can lead a group. I have become a more patient and compassionate person by being the captain of three teams, however, I learned how to be stern when necessary.”

With so many incredible senior athletes, the process of choosing two standout athletes proved to be difficult. Athletic Director Lauren Caiaccia had to narrow her choices down to Rosalydia and Derek, who both “had phenomenal seasons,” after talking to each of their coaches.

Along with the Top Male/Female Athlete award, awards were presented to nine other seniors. Lucia Lin and Olivia Falba took home the award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, Eva Guo and Jairo Reina were named Top Male/Female Athletes in an individual sport, and Patrycja Lis, Daniel Singh, and Weronika Falba received the Unsung Hero Award. Finally, Kimberly Lau and Brian Ooi were named the Top Male/Female Athletes in a team sport. Congratulations to all the seniors and athletes for a successful sports season.

Picture courtesy of Annlin Su