The Turtles dive into a new season

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The 2019 girls’ swim team is only a couple of strokes away from another promising season. As a Division A team, they achieved a record of eight wins and two losses last season. This year, captains Georgia Malo, Inga Kulma, and Emily Yan step up to the challenge of leading and motivating their team. 

Senior Inga Kulma has been on the team for the past three seasons. Inga said, “Going into this season we will have a harder time beating other high schools, and it only makes us want to work harder.” Inga believes this year will be challenging, with the loss of many seniors. Junior Kelsey Miu added, “It’s very difficult not knowing what to expect now that the seniors have graduated. It’s easy to take the easy way out, but the only way to get better at this sport is by practicing.” Both Kelsey and Inga believe that “a fun, happy, hardworking team” is the key to motivating their teammates throughout this season. 

Georgia said, “My personal goal is to do better than last season. I want to push myself and be a better swimmer than I was before.” With a similar mindset, junior Angela Zhu said, “My strategy for the season is to make sure everyone is in shape. This year we need the participation of every swimmer on the team to help us reach our goal.”

Captain Emily Yan aims to bring the team closer together. “The main thing I learned was to be more outgoing. I’m trying to go out of my way to talk to others and make the team feel more like a family,” Emily said. “As captain, it is my job to help recruit new people and come up with ideas to help improve the team (how to fundraise, designing apparel, recruiting freshmen, answering questions, etc).” 

The girls currently have a record of three wins and two losses and are ranked just behind rivals Francis Lewis. Having already competed against each school in the A Division, the girls prepare for their next meet against Bayside High School this Friday, October 11th.