Top 5 places for pictures in the winter in NYC

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With winter near, another picture taking season is here! There are many beautiful places in New York City that are worth freezing for. Here are the top 5 places for pictures Townsend Harris students recommend:

Rockefeller Center

If you like bright lights, shiny nights, free attractions, and want to capture wonderful moments of Christmas joy, you should definitely visit the Rockefeller Center. Senior Ashley Cholula recommends taking pictures during the annual lighting of the tree as it “is an attraction that incites warmth to whoever sees it and almost reminds you of some of your deepest memories.” Besides the Christmas tree, you can take pictures near the Christmas angels leading up to it and the ice skating rink below Rockefeller.


Known for its cobblestone streets, trendy boutiques, and cute cafes, SoHo is the ideal place to take photos that capture the exciting Christmas aesthetic. As junior Kelly Liok puts it, “SoHo is a nice place to take pictures because the lively atmosphere of Christmas shopping and trendy stores perfectly capture the feeling of Christmas joy.” The aesthetically pleasing settings and lighted store windows will add warmth and pops of color to your winter photos.  

Bryant Park

From a variety of Christmas stalls to the free ice skating rink, the Bryant Park Christmas Village is a place you should not miss. Each year, the park introduces new vendors that offer picture-perfect food and products for the holiday season.  Junior Charlene Lee says, “The holiday shops at Bryant Park are all so uniquely decorated and offer such a variety of products, it can make you feel like a tourist in your own city.” 


When scrolling through your Instagram feed, you are bound to see someone posing at Dumbo. Known for its view of the Manhattan Bridge, Dumbo is a place made for pictures. In addition to the iconic bridge, Jane’s Carousel is also located in Dumbo, providing great views of Manhattan and the river. Junior Emmily Cipriana describes it as “a place every New Yorker should visit… [it’s] even more beautiful in the winter, and it’s less crowded.”

The High Line

The High Line is an elevated rail-trail on the Westside of Manhattan. Surrounding it are picturesque murals and sculptures that can be a great addition to your photos. Junior Kristine Kong says that “it’s nice to stroll around and chill. In the winter, the snow accentuates the scenery.” When covered in snow, the rail-trail looks like a Winter Wonderland overlooking the city. 

Get your coats, gloves, and hats ready because these places are picture perfect! Not only are these places free and easy to get to, they are the perfect settings for the winter season.

Photo by Katrina Dydzuhn, Photography Editor.