Harrisites’ reflections and resolutions

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Resolutions: a thing of the past, and yet continue to be made every year with every ounce of faith in them. Rather than focusing on diet and travel plans, students seem to view 2020’s arrival as an opportunity to express their regrets of 2019 and hopes for the upcoming year.

Some students have reflected upon 2019 with mixed feelings.“I thought this year was an overall good year though I can’t tell if it was my best so far,” said sophomore Estella Saha. “It had its ups and downs but I’ve become a better version of myself since last year.” Junior Emmily Cipriana shares the same sentiment, adding on the pressure that comes with growing older. “It seems like junior year has many factors and aspects to worry about, but Townsend provided many opportunities for students to take things slow and relax,” she said.

Students also shared their positive experiences in extracurricular activities as memorable moments of 2019. “My favorite parts were definitely S!NG and FON, as well as summer vacation,” sophomore Audrey Chou recalled. “I loved spending time with my friends and being able to get closer with them through preparing for those performances and being a part of them overall.”

Besides experiences within Townsend, some students happily remembered new experiences outside of the building. “My favorite parts of this year was definitely summer break when I traveled to Spain and Morocco,” said junior Lauren Chin. “I created a lot of memories with my parents and it was exciting traveling to new places.”

“I loved the experience of being away… basically the entire summer when living in at dorm and taking classes at Harvard. I made a ton of new friends from all over the world and it was just an all around good time,” said junior Alexan Varelas. “ It was also really fun to go to Colombia to visit family.”

With reflections, however, came some regrets. “I wish I had used my time wisely to actually study and not cram the day before a big test,” shared sophomore Avary Kwai.

Estella added, “Though I wouldn’t join any of the popular teams…I should’ve at least tried out for badminton or something else that seemed interesting.”

These regrets, in turn, become aspirations. “Next year I…plan to try out for at least one sports team and volunteer at a hospital,” said Estella. “I want to start drinking more water since I’m really bad at that for some reason.”

Avary said, “Next year, I hope to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a day by managing my time well [and] to be more positive and to cherish more moments with friends.”

Though overtime some have developed to regard resolutions as pointless, Townsend students continuously make goals. The new year and decade only motivate them to strive to achieve them.