Club spotlight: La Herencia Hispana

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This winter, seniors Samantha Alzate, Nicole Luzuriaga, and Jennifer Mendez founded La Herencia Hispana, a new club intent on celebrating and preserving Hispanic heritage and culture.

The club, which directly translates to “The Hispanic Heritage,” had its first meeting at the start of December. Those in attendance felt positive about the safe space it offered while spreading the enriching Hispanic culture. Freshman Amelia Ferrell stated, “This club creates a very fun, relaxing, easygoing environment but at the same time [they are] really passionate about what [they are] doing.”

Nicole explained how the club came to be. “Belonging to an underrepresented community, my best friends and I sought for a change. Primarily, we wanted to educate others of the beautiful community we are so proud to be a part of,” she said. 

History teacher and club advisor Nicole Gleizer felt strongly about the Hispanic values the club would uphold. She stated, “I think all Hispanic nations and Latin American nations can agree that preservation of culture is first and foremost in their values, so I think preserving these cultures by sharing them is a main value of the club.” 

La Herencia Hispana has plenty of activities in mind for the future. Hispanic dances, food, and the current political climate surrounding those of Hispanic heritage are all part of what club members will learn more about. The club also plans to have active members provide help with Spanish homework and tests as well as hosting dance demonstrations, food events, and film viewings. Sophomore and club member Victoria Siebor believes that “this club can organize many events outside of school.” She specified that “the leaders have plans to help the community in numerous ways and [Victoria] would love to be a part of that.”

Since La Herencia Hispana is not the only culture-based club at THHS, there are several plans to collaborate with other clubs and organizations. “I think that it has the opportunity to pair and partner up with other clubs like Amnesty International and UNICEF…It can partner with even just the language department and FON in order to bring attention to the cultures of many peoples,” said Ms. Gleizer. “It can only grow from here.”

La Herencia Hispana meets every other Monday afterschool in room 434. 

Photo by Jason Bacalla, Photography Editor.