Top 5 cozy food spots

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By Marcella Soewignjo, Staff Writer

As we near the middle of the winter season, many students have been searching for warm, cozy spots to grab a quick bite to eat with friends and avoid the brisk weather. Here are a few “Instagrammable” places that serve comfort food dishes and warm drinks to New Yorkers during the chilly winter months.

Daily Provisions

Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee or a cozy hangout spot to relax on a cold day, Daily Provisions is the place for you. The cafe is located on 103 E 19th street and sells just about everything from delectable breakfast items to late afternoon meals. Sophomore Ada Lin describes the coffee shop as “a little small but super cozy,” and stated that “although the food and drinks were a little bit on the expensive side, considering that it is located in the city, the atmosphere was very nice and perfect for a chilly winter day.” Daily Provisions is also known for its decadent hot chocolate, made with Bahibe and Guanaja chocolates along with whole milk, heavy cream and a seasonal flavored marshmallow.

Bibble and Sip

A quaint little cafe located on West 51st street, Bibble and Sip offers a warm haven for many students to take Instagrammable photos while serving a wide selection of warm drinks and mouth-watering pastries. Junior Kayla Pan said, “The service there is really great and everyone is super friendly. I ordered a hot latte and a cream puff while I was there. The place is super Instagramable and all the pastries are very delicious.” 

Joe Coffee Company

When strolling through Bryant Park, be sure to stop by Joe Coffee Company, a small stand located on 40th street. The stand is owned by a mini-chain and is well-known for its rich coffee. Sophomore Jake Chang who passed by to order a hot cappuccino was pleasantly surprised. He said, “It was pretty good and everything was reasonably priced.” The company has three major locations throughout the city and prides itself in the quality of their roasts. Their mission is “to serve excellent coffee with warm hospitality.”

Taco Dumbo

If you’re looking for a hip, yet cozy atmosphere to settle down for a warm and inviting meal, Taco Dumbo is the perfect place to go. The restaurant offers a wide variety of food options ranging from soups, tortillas and tacos. Junior Kanny Ho Fang said, “I ordered an Impossible beef taco which was really good and my friend ordered a chicken tortilla soup. Overall the atmosphere there is really great and I plan on going again in the future.” Senior Kelvin Yip agrees with the sentiment, also recommending the Impossible beef taco. The restaurant has various locations, with the most popular one being on 19 W 52nd St, just a 3 minute walk from Rockefeller Center.

While We Were Young

While We Were Young is located on 183 W 10th St, and is serving up some of the most instagrammable brunch menu items. The place has a dainty and elegant atmosphere with multi-colored roses placed throughout the restaurant and a consistent, pastel colored theme. However, many admit that its menu items are on the pricier side. Junior Tracy Chen stated, “I feel like it’s the type of place you go to in order to get cute instagram pictures rather than to actually sit down and enjoy a nice meal,” but added on that she still enjoyed her experience regardless.