New fashion forward club promotes sustainability

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On February 4, THHS launched its newest club, Thread Up. Created by juniors Antonella Abreu, Esther Dai, and Natalie Smith, the club aims to embrace creativity among environmentally sustainable fashionistas. 

The club is meant to explore contemporary fashion trends and how modern culture influences them. Thread Up members participate in activities such as upcycling, friendship bracelet making, and thrifting.

“Thread Up is a club that aims to make everyone feel comfortable expressing their own style without the negative consequences of fast fashion,” says Natalie. “We believe our personal fashion and how we present ourselves to the world is significant to our various cultures, stories, and experiences. Representing identity through our individual styles does not have to damage our wallets nor our planet.” 

“I enjoy the club because it encourages fashion in an unconventional way,” says junior Sara Tekin

The club meets every other Wednesday in room 404 with guidance counselor Rondell McClary and has already collected 20 members after their first interest meeting. Mr. McClary expressed that he is excited to develop a rapport with the Thread Up members as their club begins to grow.