THHS jumps rope for heart health awareness

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By Lauren Jun and Julia Maciejak

This past Valentine’s Day, Townsend Harris High School hosted its third annual Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart event during all physical education and health classes. Students were given the opportunity to jump rope, hula hoop, or play everyday sports such as basketball or volleyball. 

This event was organized by senior Ava Nabatkhoran, who serves as head of the senate charity committee. “During the kick-off event that happened in January, students were given collection envelopes in their PE classes, and seniors received them during senior meeting,” Ava stated. “After that, students were able to ask their families, friends, neighbors, etc, if they would like to donate money for the [American Heart Association].” For every $10 donated, students would receive 1 hour of out of school community service, with a maximum of 10 receivable hours. Students received instructions on their envelopes regarding online donations as well. . Ava also added, “the AHA offers prizes for different donation amounts. $25 would get someone the reusable metal straws.”

Many THHS students expressed enjoyment from participating in the fundraiser. Sophomore Victoria Siebor commented, “I enjoyed bonding with friends while supporting a good cause.” 

“I like that the organization reaches out to students in school because it really brings awareness to heart health,” said sophomore Farwa Batool.

Physical Education teacher Matthew Lemanczyk described, “[this event] benefits everyone because it brings a heightened awareness to our society here in America. Heart disease is the number one killer [of Americans], but it is a preventable disease, so I think that bringing awareness and fundraising for a good cause is an excellent thing for a wonderful school like Townsend Harris.”

Ava concluded, “I really think that having the kick-off event in the PE classes and during the senior meeting really helped raise awareness for the event and motivated students.” This year, THHS surpassed its initial goal of $4000 and raised over $4200. 

Photo by Nikki Ng, managing editor.