Should TikTok stars be paid?

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TikTok has risen in popularity within the past year. It has grown to the point where users can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars through the app. However, despite their popularity, many still pose the question of whether or not such stars should be paid, and if so, how much.

Major “TikTokers” today include Loren Gray, Ariel Martin (BabyAriel), and Charli D’Amelio. Each is said to be earning at least $150,000 per post, according to Daily Mail, and these TikTokers have risen to the top and are now making a living off of TikTok. 

Despite the profit that some earn on TikTok, many students feel that the app should be viewed more as a fun pastime rather than a legitimate occupation. Freshman Emily Lee stated, “I think that Tik Tok is not necessarily an occupation, but rather something people do for the entertainment of themselves and others.” 

Junior Suann Chen agreed, adding, “Many people may say that people that do Tiktok don’t actually have talent… It’s something fun to do when you’re bored and it’s a form of entertainment.” Junior Itamar Hindi shared the same sentiment, adding, “The app is relatively entertaining and some of the videos are kind of funny, but I don’t think people really deserve to be making money off of it.”

Nevertheless, some believe that TikTokers should be paid based off of the quality of their content. Sophomore Angelina Baicuu stated, “It depends on the number of ads they put into their content, and they deserve as much money as the work they put into it.”

Despite believing that TikTok does not require the same amount of effort that many other high paying occupations do, many students agree that they would choose the job if it were to be given to them. Sophomore Samuel Tsai stated, “I feel like being able to make money off of TikTok and other social media platforms would be nice, but it’s one of those occupations that only a handful of people get the chance to have.” Similarly, Suann said, “If I had the opportunity to be paid to make a Tiktok, I would definitely do it without any hesitation.”

Although it may not be a career option for some, TikTok is still a very popular app now being used by millions of people globally. Junior Nejra Bojravic, comparing some of her own experiences on TikTok, viewed it as a “creative outlet.” Samuel added, “Most users, like many Townsend students, don’t really make money off of TikTok, but they do it because they find it enjoyable and that’s what really matters.” 

Comparing TikTok to other social media platforms, junior Netanya Tsang said, “I think TikTokers deserve to make money because in a way, like YouTubers and Instagrammers, they earn money based on their content.” With the growing “trend” of users benefitting from such platforms that are focused on small independent creators, TikTok has now joined the realm in which a recreational activity can transform into a career.

Art by Amanda Renzi, editor in chief.