Teachers and students reflect as this year’s Black Friday is fully online

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As COVID cases continue to soar throughout the country, many people are encouraged to stay home this holiday season. This year, Black Friday was more similar to Cyber Monday in order to fit these safety precautions. Instead of the large crowds lining up to fill the stores,  sales were held primarily online. 

Despite the current circumstances, many THHS students looked forward to this year’s sales, expressing their support for a mostly “online” Black Friday. Sophomore Stacey Chen said, “I feel like Black Friday being online this year was better for safety precautions and more preferable considering the pandemic. There were less cases of fights in stores and don’t most people do shopping online anyways? Not much of a change if you ask me.” Freshman Samiha Tasnim added on saying, “a positive would be that there are no long lines or big crowds. I honestly don’t think there is a negative, I like shopping in the comforts of my home.” Spanish Teacher Beatriz Ezquerra, who actually walked the streets of Manhattan on Black Friday, reported that “it was easy and pleasing to walk the streets without bumping into crazy shoppers.” 

However, even with the mentioned benefits of an “online Black Friday,” the THHS community expressed their inevitable concerns that came with the shift. “I would say that people are missing out on the hands-on experience and excitement and chaos in person,” stated sophomore Maggie Huang. Another concern of a mostly online Black Friday expressed by Ms. Ezquerra was in regards to the “wages the delivery drivers are paid” and the “CO2 emissions to have…goods transported.”

Regardless, students were excited to find sales on popular items from technology to clothing and appliances, with the addition of free shipping.  Many students have already started to write up their wish lists and fill their shopping carts. “This year, I was looking for games and maybe a new phone,” said Stacey. Others, like Maggie, were excited to fill their shopping cart with “lots of clothes and room decor items.” Freshman Saminha Tasnim “bought a new desk that was on sale, and some pet supplies.” Last but not least, Ms. Ezquerra picked up “some good kitchen utensils that [she] needed.” 

Black Friday is usually the prime time to purchase the latest new devices, clothes, and utilities as well as holiday shop in advance, and despite these unprecedented times, this remains the same.