Remote learning homework schedule

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On September 30, Townsend Harris administration released a homework schedule that gave set days for when certain subjects are allowed to give homework assignments. The schedule reduces assignments to three nights per week for each subject and eliminates weekend assignments.

Many students said they feel that the homework schedule helps to alleviate stress. Freshman Smita Goswami stated that the homework schedule allows her to focus on her school work, while still giving her time to balance her extracurricular activities. The Classic also spoke to three parents who were all in favor of the schedule. Tia Kunjbeharry, parent of sophomore Amanda Nakhul, said her daughter was “able to spend less time on the computer doing homework and more time with her family.”

French teacher Caroline Lopera also said, “We are in a very unusual situation and modifying the schedule from time to time might alleviate the stress the students may sometimes feel.” Chemistry teacher Pawanpreet Kaur added that “the schedule is helpful for teachers because the policy acts like a guide for us.”

Some students felt that the schedule would only work if teachers follow it and give reasonable assignments. Sophomore Mallory Macdonald said that although she only gets homework three times a week, she still feels that the assignments are too much and require more than one day to complete. Other students shared that they are indifferent to the schedule, including seniors who are focused on college applications and Queens College classes. Senior Emmanuella Borukh explained, “As a senior, my stress comes from my QC classes and college apps so though I appreciate the schedule, it didn’t really change my stress levels.”

Many students also expressed the need for a testing schedule to help manage the number of exams administered each week. 

Sophomore Rebecca Ortiz stated that there were many circumstances in which she had multiple tests a day and that she felt  “very stressed for having so much to study for and also having to complete other homework assignments that [her] teachers assigned.” 

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