The Mandalorian: A show you can’t afford to miss

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WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian season 1!

After a long anticipated wait, the Mandalorian and his adorable green companion returned to our screens on October 31. Now with season two well underway, it has lived up to its hype and picked up from a fan-acclaimed first season packed with the kind of excitement, heart-pumping action, humor, and loveable characters that represent the Star Wars universe at its finest.

At the end of season 1, Mando swore to bring fan favorite Baby Yoda (or the “Child,” as he’s officially known in the series) back to his home. Although season two has revealed some parts of the Child’s past,  his origins continue to remain a mystery, so our titular hero will have to scour the far reaches of the galaxy to find Baby Yoda’s real family. 

While many Star Wars fans may agree that the last few Star Wars films were disappointing, sophomore Zev Mahrer noted, “The Mandalorian sort of bailed those films out and kept the universe going in a positive direction.”

“The second season is brilliant because it expands the western genre of the first season and the Star Wars universe in a creative and satisfying way,” added sophomore Leonardo Finzi. The Mandalorian highlights the core elements of Star Wars that have made countless fans fall in love with the galaxy far, far away, while skillfully combining them with a western cowboy theme. As Leo observed, this brings a new take to the franchise while still maintaining our love for Star Wars at heart. 

The first season was swiftly embraced by fans when it first dropped last year in November. The eight episodes and the massive revelation at the end of the season left viewers craving more. So when news of the second season came around, fans could not contain their excitement. Sophomore John-Carlos Mateo shared, “I was really excited. Once the first episode [of season 2] was available, I watched it as soon as I could.” Similarly, Zev couldn’t contain his anticipation. He admitted, “I watched the whole Mandalorian season 1 on the night Chapter 9 to refresh my memory and prepare myself for Mando’s epic adventures.”

Of course, we can’t forget Baby Yoda. From the moment the adorable green alien appeared on our screens, viewers, and even non-viewers, fell in love with him. “[Baby Yoda] is a cute wielder of the force,” Zev commented. John-Carlos agreed, adding that his interesting character “adds to the lore and story.” Baby Yoda has taken over the show and reminds us that despite the power of the force, his cuteness is what ultimately brings us Mandalorian fans together.

Clearly, The Mandalorian is a show that you can’t afford to miss. Even strangers to the Star Wars franchise have a lot to look forward to. “I would totally recommend the Mandalorian to others. Even if you’re not a big Star Wars fan, the cinematography is excellent and the storylines are captivating,” said Zev.

The season finale of The Mandalorian airs on Disney+ this Friday, December 18. We can’t wait to see what this episode holds!