AP resources to succeed this season

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AP season has arrived and this will be yet another unprecedented year of AP testing, as THHS students will be taking tests in-person and online, depending on the class they’re in. If it’s your first year taking an AP test or your last, here are some last minute helpful sources to aid your studying.

Heimler’s History

Steve Heimler is a content creator on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok who provides guidance on history classes including AP World History, AP U.S. History and AP Government. His video content ranges from unit reviews to how to write a DBQ/LEQ, tips and tricks on how to go about the AP exams and much more.

AP Daily Videos and AP Live Review 

Since College Board provides the curriculum for AP courses and exams, students can watch videos on any units they need to study on YouTube. They are also offering live review sessions tailored to specific units. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy has a partnership with College Board, so they have many AP courses on their site, including AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Macroeconomics, and so on. Students can watch short video lessons and complete practice problems on the website to go over topics and reinforce test taking strategies.

Review Books and Study Guides From Upperclassmen

Asides from many virtual resources, there is an abundance of physical resources Harrisites may use for AP review including review books and study guides. Review books from Barrons, The Princeton Review, or 5 Steps to a 5 are commonly used by students as they include both practice problems and content review. Another resource is study guides in which many upperclassmen have and may share/give to lowerclassmen.

Reviewing Past Exams 

Make sure that you’re studying exams from past years that follow the current format. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with test format, frequently asked questions, as well as the types of answers graders would be looking for. It’s also beneficial to time yourself while taking practice tests to ensure you move at a good pace come test day.

No matter what, a test score does not define a student. As a final tip, make sure to breathe and trust your knowledge.