Girls Swim Team seniors reflect on their last four years 

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On October 27, the Townsend Harris Girls Varsity Swim team had their last swim meet of the regular season. The event, referred to as Senior Night, commemorated the last home game of every attending PSAL sports team. This year’s seniors are Kaitlyn Chung, Faith Grinion, and captains Crystal Lin, Raquel Mulakandov, Elon Orr, and Sophia Park.

The senior swimmers were presented with gifts from the underclassmen on the team to thank them for their contributions throughout the last four years. They were given cards with individualized messages from each swimmer, personalized Crocs, and matching green, heart-shaped sunglasses. 

After their win against Bayside High School on October 26, with a score of 49-43, the team qualified for playoffs. Later, on October 28, the team competed against Hunter College High School in their playoff game. Although the team lost by a score of 31-55, the team was ultimately able to place second in the PSAL Queens A Division, after Francis Lewis High School and Benjamin Cardozo H.S. who tied for first place. Throughout this season, every senior has broken their personal swimming records as well. 

As these seniors reached the end of their time on the THHS swim team, they looked back on the time they dedicated to the team. “[There was] always such high energy and anticipation at each race so I’ll definitely miss it,” said Kaitlyn. Similarly, Faith said, “I’m definitely going to miss cheering for my team during each race because supporting them during their events brings the team together. I am going to miss those bonding moments the most.” Raquel said the team traditions that she will miss the most are “[the] senior meet, senior relay, team picnic, [and] singing in the locker room after a win.” 

Regarding the team’s accomplishments, Sophia said, “The team has had its ups and downs over the years. Our team used to be the Borough Champions for 10+ years, but it hasn’t been that way recently, but I know that in the upcoming years, the team can improve greatly and get back to that level.”

The swim team captains also reflected on their experiences leading the team. Raquel said, “I, along with the other captains, created line-ups for every meet, organized car rides, created sets and workouts, and always had to assure that everything was orderly.” Crystal also said that “the adjustment period for new swimmers was a bit stressful at times, but nevertheless, [she] couldn’t be more proud of them and their success within the season.” Sophia said, “I didn’t realize how hard it really was to be captain and get everyone in order, but it helped me to work closely with the other captains, helping to grow our friendships.”

As for advice for underclassmen and prospective members, Kaitlyn said, “The season goes by in the blink of an eye, so make sure to always have fun and cherish every practice and meet. Also, remember that swimming isn’t only about how fast you are but how you can contribute to the team as a whole.” 

“This team is a great commitment, so if you plan on joining, make sure you’re willing to put all the time and effort to make this team great, while still creating amazing memories,” Faith concluded.

Photos courtesy of Zaynah Shariff, Sports Editor