GlamourGals hosts ‘Winter Wishes’ fundraiser

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The Townsend Harris High School chapter of GlamourGals is hosting their annual fundraiser “Winter Wishes” to help spread positivity throughout the school. Students were able to purchase carnations for a friend, a faculty member, or even somebody they secretly admire. Flowers and cards are handed out to students during lunch right before winter break. The event began on December 1, 2021, and carnations were distributed December 22 and December 23 by members of the THHS GlamourGals chapter and club.. 

GlamourGals is a nonprofit organization that enables volunteers in high school and college nationwide to provide companionship and complementary manicures for the elderly in order to prevent senior isolation. The club plans to take the profits from Winter Wishes to fund future GlamourGals’ trips to senior homes and to send cards to senior citizens. 

Freshman Nabila Alam shared her thoughts on Winter Wishes, and said, “it’s a sweet way to raise funding and awareness because it’s also spreading joy to friends and teachers, and it’s going towards a really good cause.”

Art teacher Margherita Wischerth assisted the GlamourGals on their goal. She commented on GlamourGals’ mission: “I also like the fact that the concept behind GlamourGals is that you think about others and by thinking about others, you know that there’s a need to have compassion, there’s a need to understand that connection to people is a valuable thing and it’s so easy to give. It’s almost as easy to give a smile because it doesn’t really cost anything but just the act of doing it can have such a tremendous impact on another person. And I think the GlamourGals organization understood that and it’s wonderful that it’s having everyone experience it. The Winter Wishes is also one of those good things because what it does is enables the GlamourGals club here at school.”

Senior and president of THHS’ GlamourGals chapter Maymuna Mazumder reflected on the intent of Winter Wishes and GlamourGals in general. She said, “Winter Wishes gives us an opportunity to participate in the season of giving and show our friends and teachers that we appreciate them. Receiving flowers can make us feel seen and cared about, something Glamour Gals aims to do for elders in senior homes. Due to elders being especially vulnerable now, our volunteering work has shifted from giving complementary manicures to making vibrant handmade cards. The GG foundation matches each card we make to a dollar donation that will contribute to more leadership training and career exploration for our volunteers. From the GG organization, its chapters, and the Winter Wishes fundraiser, we learn that there’s so many ways to give back to our community and the people we care about most.“

Junior and GlamourGals Treasurer Kailiya Gavlin shared her take on the Winter Wishes event. She said, “The Winter Wishes fundraiser is one of my favorite parts of GlamourGals, bringing joy to the school community through flowers, letters, and friendship is incredible, and this joy is put to good use, as it gives back to this club, thus giving back to the community, the experience of club members and seniors are greatly influenced by these donations, and this fundraiser is all an all a good way to remind your friends that you are grateful for them, kind messages and flowers are bound to brighten anyone’s day and that is exactly what we hope to achieve!”

Junior and Public Relations Officer Amelia Yang-Jacobson,, reflected on current and past Winter Wishes events. She commented, “One of the reasons I love the Winter Wishes fundraiser is because it spreads love and kindness, which is part of our club’s mission. I remember in my freshman year when I received flowers and it made me so happy; it brightened my day. Selling the Winter Wishes has been very heartwarming because every so often there are one or two people who are so excited to send a flower to their friends and show them they care.”

Art by Jialin Chen