Training for fall PSAL season begins

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Although Townsend Harris High School classes do not start for another two weeks, athletes are eager to return to the field. On August 22, fall sports returned and began running full-time. This is the second year that fall sports are running since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down NYC public schools in March 2020, signifying a gradual return of scholastic athletics in the city. Most teams have already begun practicing for their season and are reflecting on their past year.

Senior Anusha Ramjanam, the new Girls Cross Country captain, said, “sports will be more active this year, as COVID is becoming less severe. I’m excited for this year because [playing] sports has been such a fun outlet for me to spend time with friends and focus on my health.” 

Freshman Sophia Aponte, who hopes to play for the Girls Volleyball team, said, “I’m excited to join the team, and I think it will be a good use of my time.” 

However, Sophomore Jacky Chan on the Boys Badminton team has some concerns about the upcoming season. “This will be my first year taking an AP class, and the workload will increase much more compared to last year,” he said. “I’m a bit worried about balancing my classes with sports as [sports] could get a bit time consuming.” 

As this is her fourth year playing PSAL sports, Anusha has some advice for the incoming students contemplating getting involved in school athletics. She said, “Over years of playing, you will develop tremendously, not only as an athlete, but also as a person and student. With dedication and time, you will flourish at your sport, even if it’s tough at the beginning. Make sure to stay on top of your responsibilities and don’t procrastinate.”

Senior Tiffany Lee is hopeful for a successful season. As the Boys Badminton team manager, she has witnessed the team’s practices pay off in their championship win last season. “This year, we will come back even stronger to defend our title. The boys are excited to get back and practice.”

Photo by Erica Lee