Modern tech club puts coding skills to the test with web design contest

HTML tutorial

Townsend Harris’s modern tech club, ModIT, is hosting a website design contest event on December 14, testing students’ skills in HTML & CSS. 

 ModiT, run by President Anton Rud and Treasurer Adam Gosine, allows students to dive into the world of coding and investing, exploring topics such as HTML, CSS, python, pygame, options trading, real estate, and cryptocurrency. 

Anton said he hopes the event will “teach students the main website design component, which they can use in various industries that they go into, and will be used throughout the year for future [ModiT] events.”

For the contest, students will be asked to create a website about a singer, rapper, or band using HTML or CSS, the programming languages used for web development. Each website must have a minimum of 3 pages, consisting of the home page, a biography on the singer, rapper, or band, and a page dedicated to images and videos of the artists’ work. 

Adam said “One of the reasons why ModIT is holding this event is to take the things that students learn throughout the year, for instance, the coding and the business aspect of the curriculum, and put that to the test in the form of something the students would be making themselves, in a real-world application/scenario.”

Specifically, the main components of the website are made using HTML, while background colors and fonts are made using CSS. The website must utilize various aspects of HTML, such as embedding imagery, sizing, headers, and navigation.

Club leaders say they hope the event provides members a glimpse into what a career in the mix between the finance and coding world looks and feels like, giving students an idea of what to expect in this field of work.