The Phoenix’s Black & White Gallery


Daffny Cardoso

The Phoenix’s black and white gallery take over the walls of the school.

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The staircases and hallways have recently been adorned with black and white posters from The Phoenix. The work displayed on the posters is based on the black and white theme decided on by the club. Members of The Phoenix have created pieces ranging from train photography to artistic portrayals of flowers. 

Co-Editor-in-Chief Quinnlan Burke said that the club wanted to “fully display members’ work in a way that’s visible to the whole school.” He stated, “a social media post or a website blog only gets so much engagement, and we wanted to make it something everyone sees when they walk through the [school].” Co-Editor in Chief Ellison Daone said, “[the school’ community’s engagement is key to running a successful club.” The placement of the posters in the staircase and hallways makes it easier for staff and students to view the work.

Quinnlan also said, “The best audience for our members’ work is their friends, and by having these big posters up your friends can’t miss them.” Junior Zarah Masud, who is not a member of The Phoenix, said she was excited “to see other people’s creativity and how differently they each express [it].” She said “instead of having old fliers to look at, I can look at artistic pieces.”

Ellison explained the process for selecting which pieces are displayed: “we choose and highlight work that we think would work for the specific project.” Quinnlan added, “[we are] trying to represent as many different styles as possible [through our choices].”

Junior Ann Hsieh, whose photograph Subway Blues is hung up, said, “I think that hanging up various students’ artwork in the staircase is a great way to get them the credit and recognition they deserve.” She said, “I love how the artwork makes the staircase feel more like a gallery.”

In terms of plans for the future, Quinnlan said, “We really want to make [the display of members’ work] a running thing, because we think people really enjoy it.”

Photo by Daffny Cardoso