Grown Ups 2 is a burpsnart of a film

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Surprisingly, the best part of Grown Ups 2, the sequel to the amazingly unoriginal Grown Ups, is Taylor Lautner, and it helps that he has a rock solid body. However, like its predecessor, Grown Ups 2 fails to humor its audiences once again. Full of ‘toilet humor,’ many of the jokes appear to be aimed at the younger audiences, mainly toddlers. The movie was pumped up with physical comedy, vomit, flatulence, poop and urination jokes, all to the delight of the children sitting around me.

The movie begins with the introduction of four families. The first being Lenny (Adam Sandler), who wakes up to a stag who pees on him once his wife (Salma Hayek) starts screaming. The pair have three children, one girl trying incredibly hard to be adorable, and two average boys. Chris Rock plays Kurt the cable guy wedded to Maya Rudolph. They too have three kids, two adorable sons and one very talented vocalist for a daughter. Eric, the owner of an auto body shop is played by Kevin James; he often sneaks away from his wife to visit his caring mother and has two children; an eccentric daughter and an unintelligent son.  The fourth “grown up” is Marcus, a single dad who recently finds out he has a son, a well-muscled ‘thug’ who is the son of a buff transvestite he calls ‘Hiccups McGee.’

The movie itself does have a few genuinely hilarious moments, the best being the scenes with Taylor Lautner, who plays an obnoxious frat boy. His werewolf side reappears as he beats his chest saying “Boom! That just happened” and is obsessed with making his territory free of “old people.” Another reasonably good scene was the theme party, in which people came in as tasteful characters from the 80’s. Nevertheless, most of the ‘humor’ lies with puerile urination, fart, burp, and poop jokes. An example being the “burpsnart” when one burps, sneezes, and then farts.

The movie itself does not have a plot. It consists entirely of a bunch of guys fooling around and making bad jokes. The scenes just cut away to reveal yet another uninspired comment. The unoriginality of this movie is astounding, many of the gags seem to have been taken from a child’s television show, such as one of the scenes where a man appears to be pooping, but in actuality, it’s just ice cream. The intelligence of the townspeople is also far-fetched, when women in a yoga class are asked by a lewd janitor to turn around and bend over, or jump up and down, they comply without hesitation.

The movie title says it all, get ready for an hour and forty minutes of groans, that is, if you’re actually a grown up. This movie is yet another gross, mind-numbing experience that I caution you not to watch.