Teachers triumphant against students in Nerf Evasion game

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Students playing dodgeball against teachers. Picture <br /><figcaption id=Picture by Michelle Schweiger

The Nerf Evasion game took place on October 15 in the gymnasium after school to raise money for the Girls Track team. Like last year, the teachers proved victorious overall, though the sophomore class pulled in one victory for the students.

Each game was played by freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors against the team of teachers. Later, all four grades teamed up against the instructors.

The event, coordinated by Social Studies teacher and assistant Girls Track coach Adam Stonehill, featured about twenty-five members from each grade and about eight teachers on the opposing team. In total, the game was attended by almost two-hundred  spectators, had eighty players, and raised about $1500.

In order to make the event profitable, the Girls Track team also held bake sales in the lobby and outside the gym.

Freshman and track team member Jillissa Drayton was pleased with the results

“At first we were skeptical that the food wouldn’t sell, but it turned out to be a success. It made me truly proud to be on the track team,” she said.

Freshman player Kaberi Dhar, who was impressed by the enthusiasm of teachers, especially English teacher Robert Babstock, exclaimed, “I really liked seeing the fun and playful side of the teachers outside of the classroom.”

A few juniors remarked how Principal Anthony Barbetta lightheartedly shrugged off a ball hitting him.

Overall, students enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next dodgeball game.

Spectator, freshman Leo Rodriguez said, “I loved the event! I was cheering so hard and laughing a lot. I think everyone equally deserved to win since it’s all a part of the fun.”

Although the teachers won this year, freshman Kaberi Dhar is still hopeful for next year.

“I’m definitely playing again next year and I hope we will finally win!” she explained.

Senior and track captain Tahsin Akanda felt the event was just as successful as previous years.

“This year’s fundraiser was a bit more fun to work with because, having already done one last year, the other captains and I knew what to cater to,” she said. “I was glad to see that teacher involvement remained just as strong as it was last year, especially with Mr.Canzoneri joining in this year. We hope the tradition continues on next year and helps students and teachers forge a stronger relationship beyond required academics.”

When asked if more of such events were planned in the near future, Mr. Stonehill  remarked, “Keep on the lookout for a possible Track Team and Basketball Team combined fundraiser game in the Spring.”