“Super” SING! is on its way

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This year’s SING! will center on some of the most iconic DC and Marvel characters, with the Freshiors being able to draw upon Batman and friends and the Se’mores having the Avengers at their disposal. As students rehearse for November’s performances, this cast of characters has stirred up excitement. Nonetheless, the theme has also posed a real challenge to the directors, who must decide how much of the heroes’ personalities should be drawn from the original movies and comics, and how much they should come up with themselves.

The directors of the Se’mores, seniors Anna St. Clair and Nathaniel Cheng, are both very excited about this year’s theme. “This is the first year where the script is almost like fan-fiction,” Anna said. “These are characters that have already been created, so it’s going to be different.”

Meanwhile, juniors Nina Leeds and Dimitri Perdik, directors of Freshior SING!, have written an original script that hopes to put a unique spin on these beloved and well-known characters.

Nina described this year’s theme as one of the “most unique themes we’ve had in a while.”

She feels that both productions could go in a variety of ways, and that it will be quite interesting to see them all come together.

Anna argues that the Se’mores have an advantage because their cast consists of upperclassmen, many of whom have had previous experience in SING!. She also explained how several new additions to the team who weren’t in the production last year make it even stronger. Nathaniel feels the same and is confident in the Se’mores.

On the other hand, “The [Freshiors] have a solid leadership and also have a Freshman class that’s very excited by the tradition and inspiration that our directors are working with. The directors are teaching the Freshman very well,” said Andrew Hagerty, Latin teacher and Freshior supervisor.

In addition to creating the theme, alumni also come back to the school to judge the performances and to announce a winner. The criteria for both performances is based on the quality of the acting, writing, singing, dancing, backdrop/scenery, bonus props, and lyrics.

The team with the most points overall wins that year’s SING!, as well as bragging rights for the next few months.
Just as superheroes are reluctant to reveal their true identities, SING! teams traditionally attempt to keep details about their shows a secret up until the night of the performances. Find out all the secrets on November 22 and 23.