Townsend Trends: Neutral knits and sartorial stripes

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Many of us who spend hours meticulously choosing our outfits chase the elusive goal of standing out. However, this attempt is in vain: unknowingly, we often make choices that group us with people similar to ourselves. Alternately, some of us observe patterns in the way our peers and role models dress, and if we like their styles, we pick out our outfits accordingly. In the Townsend Harris community, trends denote patterns in the larger world of fashion.

One of this season’s trends is neutral knits. From the couture runways of Marc Jacobs and Band of Outsiders, this style has trickled down into our own hallways. Hectic days of tests and work mean that comfort is key, but style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for its sake. The best part about the neutral knit is the versatility of the garment: a sweater or cardigan in this category can be dressed up or down depending on accessories, and earthy colors like beige, tan, and gray allow for a range of color complements. With the frigid winter temperatures coming our way, neutral knit sweaters are a fantastic choice, whether you’re looking to be casual and cozy or look effortlessly polished.

Another trend on both the runways and in our halls is the classic stripe. Though the bold stripe is an ancient trend, it is one that has evolved to fit more modern ensembles. Just like with the neutral knits, the versatility of this trend is what makes it so popular. Striped fabrics can be paired with any solid color and mixed with different textures including cable knits, denim, or leather. With stripes, there’s no need to read between the lines; this trend is here to stay.