This year’s Halloween costumes

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Photo by Suswana Chowdhury.

This Halloween, pirates, cats, and minions walked the halls, sporting their costumes proudly.

Senior Jonathan Chung, sporting a Stitch costume from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch, was enthusiastic: “It’s all part of school spirit. I dress up every year because it’s a lot of fun.”

The Classic ran a fundraiser where students who donated money were able to select certain costumes for teachers.

Dean Robin Figelman was an old school rapper, Science teacher Philip Porzio was Julius Caesar, Latin teacher Jonathan Owens was Hello Kitty, Social Studies teacher John O’ Malley was a cheerleader, and Assistant Principal Ellen Fee was a sumo wrestler. In addition, the editors were allowed to select their advisor’s costume if enough people donated. Sure enough, they collected enough money and English teacher Brian Sweeney arrived to school as Jack Sparrow.

“I like that Townsend lets us dress up and express ourselves. I also love that everyone, especially the teachers, gets involved,” said junior Mahirah Billah.

Some hoped for more. “Only a small percentage of  students wore costumes,” observed sophomore Dalia Hassan. Hurricane Sandy delayed the traditional costume day last year and while THHS celebrated a “dress up day,” few took part.

Social Studies teacher Charlene Levi agreed that participation is down: “Over the years I think that the excitement of the holiday has dwindled. In Halloweens past, some teachers would stand in the doorways and hand out candy to trick-o-treaters and the students used to have a costume contest.”

Whether or not there were enough costumes, one thing was for sure: students past and present enjoyed seeing their teachers in costume. An image of costumed teachers was viewed on The Classic’s Facebook page by nearly seven thousand people.