Harrisites take on Black Friday Shopping

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Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends get together to celebrate each other and all the good things in their life. Although, we typically associate turkey day with the huge meal and the numerous football games on television, many people also affiliate it with the day that follows: Black Friday.

Every year, Black Friday kicks off the start of the Christmas season. Many stores open their doors bright and early, advertising deals and discounts that bring many eager shoppers who are determined to take advantage of the sales.

Yet a good amount of Harrisites lack fond memories of a positive shopping experience. Senior Sumaiya Miah concluded that Black Friday is a ridiculous tradition, after she went shopping for the first time on Black Friday this year.  “It was awful,” she said. “One day you are thankful for what you have, and the next you are hurting people to get everything you want in the store.” She especially disliked the large crowds and the noisiness in the stores.

Similarly, junior Janaiya Banks decided to take advantage of the sales this year by going shopping early. “I had to go out for the first time on Black Friday and it was horrible. All the people were acting like savages, and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. Cyber Monday seems better but things get sold out so fast. You have to be up right when the sale opens or you might just miss out.”

Junior Paula Fraczek did not shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday because she said that she did not want to get caught up in the big hype. “I feel it’s unnecessary, especially since most stores have good deals even right before Christmas.”

Others believe that Black Friday could be a good experience if you are strategic. Senior Chloe Chai said, “I love the deals, but when you shop, you need to know what you are looking for and then get out of there.”

For the last two or three years, because of how successful and profitable Black Friday has been for businesses, certain companies have begun their sales as early as Thanksgiving day. This year shoppers had an extra day to buy gifts and essentials, and many Harrisities felt that this new practice ruined the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Senior Sumayya Vawda said, “It is ridiculous because you already have Black Friday for that. Also it doesn’t make sense for all those employees to work an extra day which they should be spending time with family.”

However, some still believe that Black Friday shopping is both a positive and negative experience. Junior Junwoo Shin said, “I say it’s a good thing because some people may not wish to go out so late in order to get some good deals and actually buy things they might want. It’s also a bad thing because it contradicts what Thanksgiving stands for, to give thanks and think about everything you should be grateful for. Before the day is even out, people are thinking of things to buy and indulging in spending money on themselves.”

Some students who have never bothered going shopping are somewhat curious about it. Senior Brian Shtab stated that he would like to go one year because he has never been, and “it sounds like fun.”

The majority of Harrisites that do shop prefer to do it in the comfort of their home, by shopping online. According to the IBM report, this year there were more online sales than those done directly in stores, yet shoppers in stores were more likely to spend more.

Senior Maria Averkiou who shopped online said, “Black Friday is chaotic and I don’t want to deal with long lines and be sleep deprived. Plus, more products are available online and they’re most likely to be in stock than not.”

However, there are still some people who refuse to shop over the internet. Junwoo commented, “I don’t shop during cyber Monday, because I generally prefer seeing what I buy in person and not over the internet, especially with clothes.”

Black Friday is notoriously known for the good deals stores offer and the mad rush that occurs. Some people have come to believe that it is not worth the trouble, while others can not stay away year after year. It all depends on how much effort one is willing to put in to save.