December 2013 News Roundup

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ARISTA’s new initiatives

by Zhi Lin 

In addition to implementing a new tutoring program, the leadership board of Arista and math teacher Aleeza Widman came together and decided to start a coat drive at Townsend Harris High School.

On November 25, bins were placed in the school lobby and cafeteria for donations. All the clothes collected will be given to the Pomonok Library due to its proximity to the school.

The new program will be “a wonderful way to incorporate the ideals ARISTA stands for,” explained Eleni Sardina, the current ARISTA vice president. It will be more comprehensive than the Mu Alpha Theta Peer Tutoring implemented in the past. Rather than tutoring students on the subject of math, it will expand to incorporate all academic classes.

“The tutoring program [actually] started last year,” clarified Suha Navajeed, the former president of the honor society. “We [just] did not have enough volunteers.”

“It makes me happy when students help each other,” said Assitant Principal of Organization Ellen Fee. “It does not matter to me whether it’s through an honor society or some other organization. We need more of that in the world and at Townsend Harris.”

Barnes & Noble Fundraiser

by Victoria Karlic and Raya Kazdan 

In the music department of a Barnes & Noble located on Union Turnpike, students and alumni gathered in late November to perform and raise money. A percentage of the funds raised went to the class of 2014.

Performers included Brian King, who was celebrating his 16th birthday. He sang covers of the songs “Iris” and “Beautiful Day” with his sister. Dillon Mahabir, the Senior Class President, performed as well, later describing the performance’s value to the fundraising goal: “Music gets people’s attention.”

Senior Advisor Maria Assante stayed for the entirety of the performances, carrying slips with the code used to give THHS a portion of the sale. The senior class hoped to raise at least $500 from this event.

At the end, Ms. Assante summed up the idea of the fundraiser in a few words, “After all, every little bit adds up.”