Improv at Upright Citizens Brigade

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Amy Poehler, recent Golden Globe winner and star of Parks and Recreation, is a co-founder of The Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv and sketch comedy group. Every Sunday night the UCB Chelsea, located at 307 West 26th Street between 8th and 9th avenue, puts on ASSSSCAT 3000, with shows at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. ASSSSCAT 3000 is an improv show with rotating cast members and a special guest each week (called the “Monologist”). The guests are often former or current cast members of SNL or are stars on other comedy shows. Louis CK, John Krasinski, Conan O’Brien, and Tina Fey are only some of the celebrities who have been monologists in the past. At the start of the show, the cast members warm up the audience with a few jokes. Then the cast asks the audience for a word or suggestion and the monologist has to tell a story relating to the suggestion. Once the monologist tells the story, the cast improvises skits based off the story. This goes on for 25 minutes and then the whole process is repeated again. The show is roughly an hour long with a brief intermission in the middle. The 7:30pm show is $10 a ticket and tickets for the 9:30 show are distributed at 8:15pm. You can buy tickets for the show online at the UCB website under NYC-Chelsea. Tickets tend to sell out a month in advance, so plan ahead. If you’re planning on catching the 9:30 show, it’s advised to get on line at around 4pm to ensure a ticket. While there is no guarantee that your monologist will be a celebrity or that you will see Amy Poehler, ASSSSCAT 3000 is nonetheless a hilariously laugh-out-loud show and would make a cheap date.