SU Board pilots webseries

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If you are a student who feels that you are never sufficiently informed about school events and updates, Hawks on Air has got you covered.

Hawks on Air is a new webseries added to the THHS Student Union website that will broadcast videos once a month. By having students disseminate news about ongoing and upcoming events, as well as highlight club and individual accomplishments, the SU Board hopes to reach out to the student body while simultaneously encouraging SU-student relations.

Although the idea was proposed by junior and SU Treasurer Harry Petsios, the nuts and bolts of the show were collaboratively pieced together by the entire SU Board. The nine-minute pilot episode of the new feature aired on December 17, with Club Liaison, junior Karen Su, and Freshman/Sophomore Class President Sherin Shibu hosting it.

The video mainly consisted of Karen and Sherin commenting on past events and informing students about upcoming events. It was recorded from the confines of the Video Production room in a manner that mimicked a typical talk show. Both agreed that the episode contained mistakes that need to be rectified in the future.

Sherin explained, “Karen and I hadn’t really prepared for it as much as [we] hoped to, but we tried to keep things natural…it wasn’t perfect, [but it] got the ball rolling and it will make the features that come after it a bit easier to produce.”

The pilot episode also announced this year’s Executives-at-Large of the SU Executive Board: freshmen Muhamed Bicic and Nicole Moshel. The two executives were selected after they applied.

The Executive Board of the Student Union hopes to air another episode around February. According to Harry, the video “will remain within a five-minute interval.” It will also likely feature the two new Executives-at-Large.

He remarked, “Whether it is featuring guest stars, or [adding] different segments…Hawks On Air will become more and more interactive; It will serve as more than a Senate meeting online.”