Spring into sportswear

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March has arrived, and the weather we’ve all been waiting for is right around the corner. With a taste of spring under our belts, it seems clear that this upgrade in temperature calls for an upgrade in your closet. If a complete renewal of your wardrobe is not possible for the coming season, we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves that will help you put a springtime spin on some of your most trusted pieces.

Examples of the new sportswear trend.  Photos by Hallie Wolff
Examples of the new sportswear trend.
Photos by Hallie Wolff

Unless you’ve somehow made it through the notoriously grueling Townsend Harris physical education without ever buying a pair of running shoes, you’ll be happy to know that sportswear is a big trend for spring. The sportswear trend, with its emphasis on comfort, convenience, and polished versatility, is the perfect trend for busy high school students. At Harris, we’ve seen this trend manifest itself in the form of funky running shoes (namely Nike’s newest it-shoe, the Roshe Run), slouchy track pants (Adidas, we’re looking at you), and spandex leggings (Lululemon Luon, Victoria’s Secret and TNA in particular).

Sportswear has also showed up on the runway. Kenzo showed bright, printed tennis shoes on its runway, while J. Crew has been advertising the newest trend by mixing the company’s trademark preppy look with athletic pieces such as leather baseball caps, linen varsity jackets, and New Balance sneakers in every hue imaginable. The leaders of the fashion world have confirmed it: when it comes to the sportswear-minus-the-sport style, all we can say is, “just do it.”