Memorial held for former AP

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Former students, friends, and colleagues all gathered in the auditorium on September 20 to honor Lynne Greenfield, the Assistant Principal of Humanities from 1991-2002. She passed away on February 28.

The ceremony – primarily organized by Social Studies teacher Franco Scardino and English teacher Judy Biener – consisted of speeches, musical performances, a slideshow, and recitations of Ms. Greenfield’s favorite poetry. A small reception followed the ceremony.

All of the speakers mentioned Ms. Greenfield’s energetic personality and her humorous spirit.

Malcolm Largmann, the first principal of the reopened THHS, gave a keynote speech.

“Lynne certainly was a dynamo,” he said. “She had so much energy, and such a profound commitment to her profession.”

As an assistant principal, Ms. Greenfield was responsible for the Election Simulation, Founder’s Day skit, THHS Writer’s Manual, and Vocabulary Month.

“I am proud to represent a department that takes root in Lynne Greenfield,” concluded Assistant Principal of Humanities Rafal Olechowski.

Craig Slutzkin, President of the Alumni Association, mentioned that “she really understood the mission of the high school, which is the Humanities education.”

Ms. Greenfield was also known for her infectious laughter and adventurous nature, as demonstrated by her frequent hiking and international traveling at an older age.

Social Studies teacher Franco Scardino, who regularly went to operas and restaurants with Ms. Greenfield, stated that “she knew how to live, and she lived life to the fullest.”

Ms. Greenfield was also described as being influential to her students and peers.

“She is the reason I have the job in which I make a difference,” said her former student Stephanie Bernstein.

There is an ongoing memorial fund to finance a park bench in Central Park in Ms. Greenfield’s honor, coordinated by the Townsend Harris Alumni Association.

This was something Ms. Greenfield had always wanted to do for herself.