Wrestling team gives back

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The varsity co-ed wrestling team collaborated with International Love to donate $1500 last year to the Forgotten Children of Haiti. It was the wrestling team’s first donation to this organization, and their second year of fundraising for worthy causes.

Physical Education teacher and wrestling team coach Ray Adamkiewicz became acquainted with this organization from his local church in Jamaica Estates. The wrestling team sold candy during wrestling matches, extracurriculars, parent-teacher conferences, and outside of the Townsend Harris community in order to raise money. Although the wrestling team initially began selling snacks to buy new equipment, they ended up giving approximately half of the money earned, along with additional money fundraised solely for this organization, to Haiti.

In 2013, Free the Children started this project as their mission to benefit the lives of others. When they combined with Amnesty International to form International Love, they continued raising money for the cause. They contributed by helping to sell tickets for the school’s talent show and the Festival of Nations.

The Forgotten Children of Haiti is a not-for-profit organization established in 1993, aiming to improve and enhance the wellbeing of Haiti’s impoverished children.

This year Mr. A wants to continue donating to this cause, with a monetary goal of $2500. He believes that he is sending a powerful message to the THHS community through this charity. “We must give back,” he said. “There are people who are less fortunate than we are here.”

The Forgotten Children of Haiti sent a thank-you letter with pictures attached.

Sophomore Alexis Sarabia, a member of the wrestling team, agreed, and stated, “I’m hoping that we do raise money for them again because it’s nice helping them out.”