Girls Table Tennis ends with a slam

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The girls table tennis team finished their home season with a win, crushing the Civic Leadership Academy with a score of 5-0. Performances in the singles and doubles team demonstrated the team’s growth throughout the season.

Sophomore Naomi Chiu won by a landslide. Although she struggled to score in the beginning, her tenacity enabled her to score later, resulting in a win of 3-1; she was able to finish the match by the third game rather than the fourth. When asked about how she would like to improve, she mentioned that she wants to practice “moving back and forth from each side of the table,” so she can improve her agility.

Most of the players agreed, saying that they would like to improve their speed and accuracy. Senior Jenny Li thinks that “working on the basics” is her main goal of improving.

After an intense doubles match, juniors Catherine Chen and Yun Ping Tseng slid past the competition to win 3-2. A noteworthy point in the game was when Ping and Catherine were losing but Ping smashed the ball closely over the net and the opponent could not reach the ball.

Catherine expressed how difficult the game was. “Today’s game was one of the more challenging games we had other than Cardozo, last game we beat their doubles game fairly easily but this time I think they really stepped it up, I thought it was a great game. I am comfortable with my partner Ping because we have known each other for a long time.” When asked how she can improve she mentioned that she could “move more.”

AP World History teacher and coach, Adam Stonehill was eager to see even further improvement from the team. He said that “the reality is our team is getting better throughout the season; although we have lost some games, we seem to improve each time we replay a game with a team that we lost to previously. This year’s team had a significant improvement from last year and I look forward to see what happens next year.”