Meet the Threetones, a Harrisite band

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Green Day, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend. What do these bands have in common? They were all formed in school, just like Threetones, a band that consists of sophomore Maria Silaban, senior Chloe Mok and senior Minhaj Rahman.

The idea for the band’s formation came about when Maria approached Chloe and suggested that they cover “Figure It Out” by Allen Stone. However, they eventually decided on Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be.” Chloe later invited Minhaj to be a part of the cover for his beatboxing skills.

“We did our first cover and we realized how much fun it was working together, so we decided to make a group. It took us quite some time to come up with a group name, but we eventually did and so here we are,” she explained.

Last December, Chloe arranged a collaborative video including Harrisites from all grades to cover Band Aid’s, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” She chose the song after one of her friends passed away from leukemia, and wanted to pay tribute to her family and  others hurting throughout the world.  The band’s photographer and videographer, senior Junwoo Shin, added, “Not everyone is as fortunate, and I think we forget that…so were were just trying to reinforce that idea.”

Junior Julian De La Rosa, who took part in the video, said that he “thought it was a very cool opportunity for a lot of students with talents to just experiment, especially with all the equipment.”

Senior Joseph Mayer said, “ I think it’s cool because they remind me of Pentatonix and how they too started in high school and how they’re really popular right now.”

As Minhaj and Chloe are seniors and will soon graduate, they will do their best to continue as a band. Minhaj comments, “[Due to] of our vast range of different extracurricular activities, it is difficult to find free days to practice and record, but we always find time.” Junwoo shared some of the band’s future goals, saying, “I plan to change it up in the future and scale up to an actual music video, if possible.”

They are currently working on a mashup of Jason Derulo’s “It Girl” and Ariana Grande’s “The Way.”

Threetones will be performing live for the first time during the next Barnes and Noble fundraiser in March. They also have a Facebook page called “Threetones,” where they post videos of their covers.