Townsend Trends: Prom Preview


Photo by Kristen Lange and Hila Benham

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WITH PROM less than a month away, senior girls are on the hunt for the perfect dress, and the rest of the school’s Townsend trendsetters are holding their breath in anticipation of one of the biggest fashion events on the THHS calendar. Whether you are a curious underclassman or a senior still in search, we’ve got you covered with some of this year’s popular prom trends.

What’s long and fowy and red all over? Many of this season’s hottest prom dresses. Seniors Ena Rasic, WooJung Yi and Hila Benhaim are all planning on sporting the feiry color at Water’s Edge this coming June. All three dresses are solid red and simply cut — WooJung’s with a subtle slit, Ena’s with a low-slung back, and Hila’s with a key-hole cutout and sheer skirt.

These simple styles work well, seeing as the color red is a major statement in and of itself. WooJung is very aware that her dress will stand out, explaining why she chose the color red: “I wanted to steer away from the usual pastels and rhinestones that girls tend to wear at prom. And when I was trying on dresses for prom, red ended up being the color that worked best for me.” Because of the eye-catching color, any ornaments or details on the dress can be very minimal, as can the addition of accessories and shoes. From delicate strappy sandals or simple gleaming bracelets, metallics and neutrals are the perfect pairing for any dress in this hot hue.

While most seniors hope to enter and exit prom in one piece, some may prefer otherwise. This year, some seniors are stepping outside the fashion box and going for a daring but trendy two-piece dress. Kristen Lange, a senior who plans on rocking the two-piece trend at prom, said, “I guess it just seemed more fun than a normal dress,” adding, “It makes me feel like a mermaid.”

These dresses are gaining popularity among prom shoppers because of their atypical shape, as well the lengthening illusion that they create.

The typical two-piece gown usually has an embellished crop top finished with chunky, lustrous jewels as seen on Julianna Somma and Kristen’s dresses. The maxi skirt is usually left with minimal adornment so that the color, ft and long length can truly do the talking. But a long skirt means the highest of heels are often needed to prevent the dress from dragging on the Water’s Edge, literally. A neutral or nude pair of heels will complement a pop of color and glittering embellishments perfectly. If you’re playing it safe with your dress’ hue, then an intricately designed pair of heels may be just what you need.

We suggest rocking an updo with these dresses to showcase the elaborate detail of the tops. If you are an attendee and have yet to find your dress, we have a few words of advice: keep calm, it’s only prom.