Former AP to be honored with Central Park bench


Photo By Angelina Liu

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IN ORDER to honor the memory of former Assisstant Principal of Humanities, Lynne Greenfeld, the Townsend Harris Alumni Association set up a fund to dedicate a bench to her in Central Park. Te bench will be revealed on Saturday, June 13.

Social Studies teacher Linda Steinman and English teacher Judy Biener remember Ms. Greenfeld as a woman who loved to hike and walk, especially in Central Park.

The idea to get a bench was from Ms. Greenfeld herself. Ms. Biener refected, “Lynne used to say ‘when I die, I want a bench named afer me.’ She expressed that desire and her friends helped make it a reality.”

At first, she was only supposed to have a simple bench, but due to her longstanding support of the Central Conservancy, the park representative recognized her name and upgraded her bench.

Ms. Biener stated, “She’s a quintessential New Yorker and it’s very appropriate for her [to have such a memorial].”

Dr. Steinmann agreed, stating, “She loved to share the city with her students. She taught an elective course at Townsend Harris with the city as an integral part. I’d like to imagine future THHS students visiting her bench, either on purpose or by accident, and remembering her.”

Photo By Angelina Liu
Photo By Angelina Liu