Meow Parlor is a purr-fect treat

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Pet cafes have been rapidly gaining ground in Southeast Asia, and the trend has made its way to New York. These cafes provide more than just your standard food — they also feature areas where customers can play with cats and relax after a long day.

Meow Parlour opened half a year ago in Chinatown, and since its start, it has been garnering popularity among cat lovers of all ages. In addition to providing a cute and fun service to customers, it also offers safety and protection for its cats, all of whom were once abandoned, and would otherwise still be abused or living on the streets. Cats are given food and shelter as they wait to be potentially adopted by patrons. With such a righteous mission and charming concept, I had to come check the place out.

The store has two divisions, the cafe and the cat visitation area. The shops are separate due to government rules and regulations. However, you can order food from the cafe into the visitation store to eat, and it is completely safe for you and the cats. Both shops are modern and welcoming, with light wooden furniture and bright white walls. The visitation area is highly sanitary, as customers must take their shoes off before entering. There are also cat toys, beds, and scratching boxes for the cats to play on.

The Rosemary and Cornmeal with Apricot Jam Cookie was delectable. Right off the bat, this yellow, speckled, cat-shaped cookie sandwich smelled strongly of rosemary. In the center, there was a star cutout that revealed the sweet, yet tart apricot jam inside. This adorable cookie is soft, savory, and buttery. The cornmeal gives each bite a grainy texture, making gourmet treat flavored to perfection.

The Party Time Cat-Shaped Macarons are popular a popular item and individually designed with a cat face. This particular macaron was made with salted milk chocolate and caramel. It was light, with a nice bite and a strong nutty flavor. The inside is surprisingly very sweet and salty, but the combination works well, and it tastes like a fancy chocolate bar. Although this macaron was aesthetically pleasing and delectable, it was pricey and not worth the money.

Though pricey, the cafe is worth visiting at least once in your life. If you plan on visiting, then be sure to make reservations well in advance because this place receives many visitors every day.