Back to School Shopping Guide


Photo by Hailey Lam

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The horror-inducing back to school commercials are here to incite fear into students who are scrambling to enjoy the last dregs of summer. But despite our best attempts, school is fast approaching so here are a few things that will make taking a copious amount of Latin notes somewhat less painful.


Urban Outfitters – These spiral notebooks from Urban Outfitters are just what you need to keep you going through a difficult class.  Featuring motivational sayings set upon a gorgeous backdrop or ethereal depictions of nature, these notebooks will have students spiralling into a dreamlike dimension away from the troubles of Townsend Harris.

Muji– these minimalistic notebooks from Muji are a must-have for students who want to add a bit of a personal touch to their school supplies. The brown covers are a perfect canvas for doodlers but for those with no artistic skill, Muji has a stamping station that can be used to leave your own mark.

Pencil Cases

Strand– Any book lover will recognize the iconic Strand logo from at least “18 miles” away, and it’ll look even better emblazoned across whimsical cloth pencil cases. Featuring quirky designs filled with cats, literary heroes, and hilarious quotes, these cases will express your love of a good book and impress any English teacher


Muji– Once again Muji is the go-to store for school supplies, with a large array of colors to choose from, these pens are sure to make reviewing your notes much more enjoyable. The simplistic designs offer a touch of elegance to your otherwise hectic THHS life.

  • In another effort to declutter a student’s life, Muji has a pen and pencil hybrid that allows students to always be prepared, especially for any history test that requires students to bubble in pencil and circle their answers in ink.


Vans– School bags are the statement pieces of the school universe. They are an omnipresent aspect of student life, so it’s important that they represent the student’s personality. These bags have fun graphics that allow students to add a bit of pizazz to an otherwise dreary afternoon full of powerpoints. A quick peek at the Disney-inspired bags transport any student to a rosy themed memory offering a quick respite from learning.

Longchamp–  While the ubiquitous Longchamp shoulder bags are a style staple, they can be tough on a Harrasite’s shoulder when filled with textbooks. However, the bag is reinvented as a backpack that is both stylish and functional.

Herschel– The classic bags reinvented for modern use, Herschel bags are a perfect combination of preppy scholar and adventurous camper. Wearing a Herschel means you’re prepared for anything Townsend Harris throws at you…even pop quizzes.