Townsend Trends: Layered Necklaces

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As another year rolls in at Townsend Harris High School, our trend-setters are back and better than ever. With sweater weather on the way, woolen knits and piles of homework aren’t the only things Harrisites will be layering up.

This season’s biggest trend is truly the fairest of them all: it doesn’t discriminate against size, color, shape or form. Just one piece of advice: more is more. While statement necklaces with chunky jewels and geometric shapes have stolen the runway recently, your delicate favorites are making quite the comeback. By layering a few of these dainty chains together, you can make a loud and clear statement for sure.

Layered necklaces tend to side more with the elegant, simple side of the autumn look book. Pearls, tassels, crystals and rhinestones are among the countless elements attached to these necklaces that add a fun flare to every fashionista’s chest. Short, long and everything in between, these accessories will elevate any look. Paired with a neutrally hued button down shirt or V-neck and a pair of jeans, layered necklaces can enhance your everyday, school look. When added to an elegant dress and a pair of pumps, it can embellish your formal, professional look.

But we have to admit, layering necklaces is not as easy as it looks. Not to worry though, the Townsend Trends team has you covered. Rule #1: Mix it up. It’s crucial to wear necklaces of varying lengths, textures, colors and sizes so that each pendant can be appreciated, rather than all of them being on top of each other. Make sure to throw in some different colors and charms to get some pizzazz on your outfit-palette. Rule #2: Coordinate with your top. Layered necklaces work with either deep or short-necked shirts. Deep-neck shirts like V-necks will call for shorter necklace lengths, while short-neck shirts like the average sweater will call for longer lengths. Rule #3: Pile it on. Don’t be shy to stack them up, the more the merrier!

It’s official; #2chainz has been replaced by #8chainz. Gather your favorite necklaces and get this trend today; we hear it’s off the chain.