Mr. Bermudez joins physical education department


Photo by Hailey Lam

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There’s a new physical education teacher in town, and his name is Jamal Bermudez. Mr. Bermudez will serve as retired physical education teacher Keith Hanson’s replacement, taking on two freshman physical education icalucationcourses, two health courses, and a senior weight training class. He will also be aiding physical education instructor Lauren Caiaccia as Assistant Coach for the Varsity Girl’s Basketball Team. Mr. Bermudez has ten years of teaching experience under his belt, having taught English and Social Studies social studiesfor eight years and physical education for the past two.

Mr. Bermudez, who was Ms. Caiaccia’s student teacher last year, noted that his past experience at THHS was “one hundred percent” the reason why he chose to teach here.  According to him, community and culture, two of the most important aspects of high school, are evident here at Townsend because everyone seems to be positive and cooperative. “This school operates at a high frequency, has diversity, connectedness, and everyone seems to be working together,” he said.

Outside of school, Mr. Bermudez is a health nut. .A fan of high intensity training, salsa dance, and cross fitness, Mr. Bermudez hopes to incorporate his background training into teaching his students. He plans to include a greater variety of exercises while also reinforcing group fitness.

When asked about using his personal experience in his teaching, Bermudez explained, “It’s right in line with who I am…all the planets have now lined up.” Like Mr. Hanson, Mr. Bermudez is passionate about controlling a nourishing diet. A dedicated vegan, he won’t be seen drinking a bottle of Pepsi, but rather a green, organic drink.

Even though he spends his school hours as a physical education teacher, Mr. Bermudez would like to be a resource that students can come to for advice, whether it be about health or other issues. There’s no doubt our school has added another valuable face to its staff.