Volleyball team defeats Bowne

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After losing its first two games of the season, the Townsend Harris girls varsity volleyball team earned its first win over John Bowne, two sets to none.

The first set began as a close head-to-head match, with more than a couple ties. THHS opened a wide lead of 18-14, but John Bowne came back to tie things at 18.  But after a couple of misplays by John Bowne, the Lady Hawks were able to take advantage and seal a win in their first set, 25-19.

The second set started as a blow out as THHS went out on top 7-0 until Bowne scored their first point. After this, it was a cat and mouse game all the way to 20 points.

The Hawks were leading 24-22 when they scored their final point winning the second set 25-22 and ultimately the game by a score of two sets to nothing.

In response to the team’s performance, junior Abigail Calumpit said, “We were happy about our win, but the way we played – it was not good, it was not our level, it was way below what we were supposed to play.”

When asked about what they needed to improve on, she said, “We need to talk, that’s all we need to do, because we’re good at passing, we’re good at hitting, we’re good at offense, but we need to talk, we have a lack of communication.”

Senior and captain Leann Senat added on to Abigail’s statement saying, “We need to have more energy from the start of every game and be more aggressive calling everything [and] communicating.”

Moreover, senior Kellie Zestanakis said, “I’m happy we won, but I think we can do a lot better next game. We just need to make a bigger difference on the scoreboard, but obviously I think we should just keep up the wins.”

With regards to statistics, the Hawks combined for a total of 15 kills. 

Senior Leann Senat and sophomore Josselyn Navas led the team in kills, each scoring five kills. Senior Gabrielle Avancena had 15 assists, digs.

The Lady Hawks look to use this first win as momentum and a push to making it to the playoffs.