Girls Table Tennis Continues their Success

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The girls table tennis team aims to continue their success as they begin their third season. Even with an influx of new members and an outflux of veterans, coach Adam Stonehill is confident that the team will continue to excel. Among those who graduated were the first and second singles players. To fill in those positions, he claimed that “everyone moved up [a spot].”

Mr. Stonehill further stated, “From our first three matches it seems like our strength is in our depth.” Senior captains Stephanie Howe, Catherine Chen and Joseline Guaman all agreed, adding, “Over the three years, we’ve really improved. Our matches have been significantly closer than last year.”

The table tennis team made multiple adjustments to their practices as well. Mr. Stonehill remarked, “Our practices are becoming much more organized. We have the lobby space, which makes it more enjoyable to play and not as stuffy. Plus there is more space in the lobby to hit side shots. Also, we now have four tables so more players can practice at once.“

In addition to the upgraded practices, the table tennis team also has a manager to assist them. The manager, junior Thomas Chu, stated, “I’m their number one fan and go to every game to cheer them on.” As an experienced player, Thomas often teaches the athletes different techniques and methods to improve both their hitting and awareness. “I try to push them, I always make sure they’re moving their feet,” he said.  

After ending the previous season with a five to seven record, the table tennis team hopes to improve in their third season and grow both as individual players and as a team.