Return of the Finals Schedule

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The finals schedule has been one of great controversy among the students, especially after last year, when they were administered during class.

Principal Anthony Barbetta, after hearing the concerns of the students, parents, teachers, and the consultative council, changed the schedule to one that includes 75-minute exams with no classes during finals week. He claims that “it reminds [him] a lot of college because this is the way it works,” and also believes that this type of schedule is more beneficial for both the students and teachers. It will allow more time for the students to study, and allow the teachers to include more material on the final.

Freshman Hritaniber Chakraborty also thinks this type of schedule will help him succeed academically, since he “can balance out [his] studying schedule” and won’t have to “cram everything in one day.”

Junior Dulce Cervantes agrees, saying that “since it is a longer test, the questions will hopefully be worth less.” Although both students agree that the tests will cover more material, they are generally in favor of this schedule.