Winter Carnival

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The annual Townsend Harris High School Winter Carnival on January 21 brings new and old games with prizes for students, faculty, and guests. While some clubs abandon past carnival traditions, others continue with the previous years’ successful activities.

Co-President of Model UN Vigunthaan Tharmarajah explains that this year, the club “will once again be [selling baked] goods and hosting a video game station since [they] found great success with it last year.”

Peony Tse, leader of Townsend’s Key Club, will continue her club’s traditional carnival legacy of “[their] annual pie-throwing event.”

Similarly, the Robotics team continues using old games but blends new activities within them. Public Relations Officer of the Robotics Team Darsiya Krishnathasan explains how the team “has done robot races with little vex robots.” However, last year, they “had a stack of cups and you had to try to shoot it with a nerf gun.”

This year, the team is “going to have the cup stacking and nerf guns” as well as putting “a cup on Mr. R’s head [giving the attendees the opportunity] to try to shoot it off his head.”

In addition to these clubs, the Phoenix will be debuting a new booth at the carnival, after three years of refraining from participating in the event. Business Manager Pridha Kumar remarks, “We are planning to do on the spot poetry and on the spot caricatures of people.” Pridha continued, saying, “this would be a great way to showcase the talent of all the members of our publication.”

All of the clubs hope to see THHS students participating in the different activities.

“I think winter carnival this year is going to be great! [I] can’t wait!” Darsiya exclaims.